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User Group Conference

Managed program content and on site staff for annual PeopleSoft Connect User Group Conference, attended by 15,000+ attendees , 600+ sessions. Content rated 4.58 out of possible 5.

"Dedicated, outspoken, and fearless Dina. Your can-do attitude and desire to do things "the right way" instead of the easy way are attributes that served us well. You recognized the need for projects and tasks pro-actively and gave your heart and soul to the program. Never afraid to deliver the hard message or tackle the undesirable task, you kept your head down and never once looked back. Thank you for your contributions but also for your passion and sense of humor."
Erica Spoor, Program Strategy Manager

PeopleSoft, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Oracle Corp., is a world provider of enterprise application software with 12,100 customers in more than 25 industries and 150 countries.
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